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A college student who appreciates fashion for the art pieces that they are.

Water Color makes me dream…

Rag and Bone Nymph Top $220

Rag and Bone Harley Dress $575.00

Rag and Bone Tribeca Dress $450.00


Can Anyone Say 5th Grade, Please?

This is a new take on the paperbag.  But wait – its leather!  This innovative bag is making brown bagging LUNCH cooler than ever!  What’s the best part you ask?  It is cute enough to be paired with an adorable sundress and wedges for a perfect SUMMER DATE OUTFIT!

Peek into Oscar de la Renta’s Studio

I nearly died.  I would love to be in this studio, just to look around and see the creative process.  One day….

Formal Formal Formal

I love when woman wear elegant gowns (obvious from the massive amounts of pictures from the Academy Awards) and when men where suits.  (Not to say women don’t look great in pant suits – my mom can rock a hot pink on – thank you 8th grade graduation for me!)  It reminds me of balls and old school times.  Here are a few evening gowns that I have found that I feel in love with.  Enjoy.  Live.Love.LAUGH.






It’s Oscar Time!

Last night at the 83rd Academy Awards, ladies and gentlemen alike were looking very dapper in their finest.  Here are a few that made an impression on me last night…

“Spread the Word to End the Word”

March 2, 2011 is this year’s day to “Spread the Word to End the Word.”  The R-word has a derogatory meaning in today’s culture.  It is a  hurtful word that so many people from middle school and to the U.S. Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel use in common conversations and debates.  It is no longer a medical term; it is a weapon.  I took The Pledge on two years ago and I do not regret it at all.  I encourage you all to check out the website, what it stands for, and take The Pledge as well.

Live. Love. Laugh.

Neiman Marcus


Love the draping of this dress and the brooch is to die for!

New York Times: Fashion and Style Section

I just commented on the article, “How Important is Fashion to You?” by Katerine Schulten on the New York Times website.

I responded to the question, “Students: Tell us how important fashion is to you. To what extent do you follow trends? Experiment with different styles? Who are your fashion icons? What’s your favorite piece of clothing? Why?”

This is my response:

Fashion and Style have always been a major part of my life.  There are several different aspects about the fashion world that I adore.     I love looking through magazines and seeing what the stylist has chosen for the model to wear.  Rachel Zoe’s job, as seen on her TV show on Bravo, has been an model for my dream job.  I would love to work for a magazine or designer and take pieces and create looks.  It is a dream of mine that I hope one day to fulfill.     Ocsar de la Renta is one of my favorite designers because he has created gowns that are timeless – I would wear everything from his Spring 2011 line in twenty years.  Oscar de la Renta is a designer who knows his clientele very well.     Cardigans are pieces that should never go out of style.  It is a great way to spice up a plain V-neck.  To add to the look, a necklace or a scarf are great accessories.  This look is great for a college student running in between classes, lunches, and meetings.  From experience, it is an effortless look that looks like you put in a lot of time and effort, but that’s our secret!


Hey everyone!  Sorry that I have not done most posting recently.  I have been a bit busy with school work and staying healthy.  But that is not a good excuse to not tell you which AMAZING collections that you should be coveting.  I am in awe by the sheer genius of all of the designers who pursue their dreams and achieve them.  Here are a few collections to look at.  I will keep updating!  Peace and Passion ❤

Oscar de la Renta

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Marchesa (within the first 2 pictures I knew this had to be put up as one to look at)


Christian Dior (Fun, youthful, playful)

Reed Krakoff

Donna Karan (Classy, very classy)

BCBG Feb. 2011



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