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Summertime Apparel

There is a tropical storm racing up the east coast, which unfortunately keeps this fashionista indoors and away from the beach.

Although this past week hasn’t allowed me to tan, a.k.a. get more freckles, it has allowed me to online shop and put together a summer wish list.  Here are a few of the things I am looking to add to my wardrobe.

Aqua Black Maxi Racerback Dress

Aqua Black Maxi Racerback Dress

Aqua Color Block Dress

Forever 21 High Low Skirt

J. Crew Bubble Necklace

J. Crew Striped Crystal Bracelet

J. Crew PeepToe Kitten Heels


Crush Crush Crush

Bloomingdales, J.Crew, Ann Taylor, Oh My!  I have found some lovely dresses and accessories that are GREAT for Summer, Fall and Spring.  The blazers from Bloomingdales are perfect for all seasons; if you wear them in the Fall and Winter just remember an extra jacket to stay warm if you are in cooler climates.  I hope these pieces make you blush and crush!

Bloomingdale's Aqua Sequined Blouson Dress REG $248.00 SALE $186.00

J.Crew Diana dress $395.00

These two dresses are PERFECT for a Hampton’s wedding.  The first dress is FULL sequins for a more adventurous soul and the second dress is a silk dupioni dress that will be forever timeless.  Beware!  If your wedding is taking place outside, the J.Crew Diana dress would be more appropriate.  It will also look very natural against an outdoor backdrop.

Bloomingdale's Aqua Black Fitted Girlfriend Blazer $88.00

J.Crew Candace dress in ink dot $148.00

The blazer is a great accessory to make this J.Crew dress into an appropriate internship outfit.  Without the blazer, it is a great summer party dress!

Bloomingdale's Aqua Navy Fitted Girlfriend Blazer $88.00

Bloomingdale's Aqua Ruffled Scoop Neck Dress $88.00

This dress-blazer combination is similar to the one above, but different.  When I see this dress without the blazer, I think more “would wear on a date.”  The ruffles on the neckline and the cinching at the waist are flirty and flattering.!

This sheer dress from is a perfect dress for graduation parties, school dances, or just a summer night out with a cute boy.  Pair it either with a gold belt and awesome wedge shoes.  Make sure it’s a warm night out because you don’t want to wear a cardigan.  The chiffon shoulders and back are WAY TO CUTE to cover-up.

Hey Ladies/Guys!

I haven’t gotten a chance to try this bad boy on, but for $11.80+tax, it seems that it would not be a bad beach dress.  I want to head down to Florida or an island for Spring Break…and if that happens, I definitely want to have this dress in my wardrobe.

If you pick up this dress, in either Black or Blue, from the amazing Forever 21 store by you…comment and let me know what you think!!

One Word: Oscar…

Oscar de la Renta is a brilliant man.  I look to him for inspiration.  Continuously, year after year, he dresses celebrities in timeless pieces.  I hope that I can one day be worthy enough to wear one of his beautiful gowns.



This dress can be found on Forever 21’s website.  It is only $14!  Best find yet!  I love this dress because it is super comfortable.  I pair this dress with tights, a belt, and boots.  I belt the dress right around the ribs.  I use a skinny belt so it does not hurt to sit down.  It is not see through, so ladies do not worry about that.  This is a dress I am crushing so, run out and go and grab it!  It’s a great find!  Enjoy.


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